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Who is interested in Sociology? Why, everybody! We've got men, women, undecideds, elementary school students, university students, professors and professionals. Discerning individuals from the natural sciences read us as do mathematicians, rocket scientists, and family managers. Sociology really does have something for everyone.

Here is a basic demographic breakdown of you, our reader. As you can see, you are about equally male and female. You are also highly educated and (since the Socjourn is critical, controversial, and innovative), critical, controversial, and innovative.You’re looking for more than the standard ideological answers found in mainstream media, but you are not prepared to put aside your critical sensibilities. Most of you are social scientists, social science students, or working social science professionals, but a growing number of you from the humanities and the natural sciences. That’s because you find Sociology interesting and enlightening. But then, who can blame you! As August Comte (a Sociologist himself, so we know he was above bias!) once said, Sociology is the “highest in the hierarchy” of sciences and all others are prepatory to it! (Coser, 1977: 9) . So take that you natural science posers!

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About Dr. Michael S. (Dr. S)

Michael S. (Dr. S.) is a scientist, sociologist, author, mystic, and mystical poet whose interests are human psychology, human society, spirituality, consciousness, global pedagogy, and global transformation. He's busy writing about a dozen books all of which are aimed at enlightening the people and transforming the planet in line with the purpose, and for the benefit of, All.

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