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Our Common Core

Everything that exists on this Earth is made out of the same Common Core, the same molecules, and the same atoms. 75 % of the earth is covered in water. Up to 60 % of a human body is made up of water. Pigs are animals whose anatomy so closely resembles the human that a pig heart can be transplanted into a human and provide that human with a functional heartbeat. According to the animal liberation front over 100 million pigs are slaughtered every day in the U.S. It is the brutal circle of life as we know it. In this post we will be exploring a different common core, namely the Common Core standards that has been implemented in the U.S education system and that according to many educators will change how we see and conduct education on a fundamental and ground breaking level.

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Varieties of Violence

Varieties of Violence Terrorists, serial killers, domestic murderers — their ghoulish deeds fill our news and popular entertainment, interspersed with wars, riots, and brutal repressions. Violence surrounds us. Where does it come from?The answer propagated by the mass media is that violence is human nature. It’s just the way people are. That view ignores anthropological evidence about societies which have lived in relative peace and primate studies which show our biological nature doesn’t force us to violence but just gives us the potential for it. This research indicates that societies and individuals have to be under massive stress before they resort to violence, and much of that stress has roots in the social structure.

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The NRA and Polarization in the Gun Debate

Today’s political landscape is deeply polarized. From liberals to conservatives, there are serious divides that are pervasive throughout politics. One group that has used the Internet and email in particular to contribute to and sustain an environment of polarization is the National Rifle Association (NRA). This paper examines how Wayne LaPierre as spokesperson for the NRA has used the rhetoric of polarization to address the gun debate in emails to members and potential members of the NRA.  Before discussing the emails that were sent, a brief history of the NRA is provided followed by an explanation of the rhetoric of polarization.

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The Inside Job

The film, Inside Job, won the 2011 Academy Award for best documentary. Charles Ferguson the director of Inside Job kicked off his Oscar acceptance speech with the following statement, “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by financial fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.” Truly, there is no place like the USA. In what other country could a bunch of bungling bankers defraud the public of trillions of dollars and get off scot free? Even better, as Inside Job details with infuriating candor, the very same people who were responsible for the 2008 financial crash were also assigned the responsibility of “rescuing” the US from the economic disaster that they had caused. Give me a break. Would anyone care to guess why not even one Wall Street wastrel has been charged with financial fraud?

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