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About Dr. Michael S. (Dr. S)

Michael S. (Dr. S.) is a scientist, sociologist, author, mystic, and mystical poet whose interests are human psychology, human society, spirituality, consciousness, global pedagogy, and global transformation. He's busy writing about a dozen books all of which are aimed at enlightening the people and transforming the planet in line with the purpose, and for the benefit of, All.


  1. I am a creator in this world. I agree with this saying from the reading completely. I was born into a world that I did not create, but once I was in it was in my hands to create the world, as I want it. With all the rules and suggested life styles passed down from generations it is difficult to be who you want to be, but eventually you have to take control of your own life and follow your dreams and passions. Sociologists have studied the human race and the way they react to the ways of the world. They know that most humans just accept their role and do as suggested. They have the knowledge of what it would take to make the world your own. A quote from the passage reads, “As soon as you start “following the rules” and “playing the game” you begin to participate in the creation and re-creation of the social world around you”. I completely agree. We as humans have a choice to make; we can accept the world as it is or we can do our best to recreate it. It is scary to fight for what you believe in but at the end of the day, you will be proud of yourself and feel like you are truly making a difference.

  2. Donna Smith Jan. 19, 2016
    Review: “What Is Sociology?”
    To begin with, the grammar in this article is terrible. The person writing the article should have completed a grammar check before submitting it. Next, I do agree that we are born into a world where society has already chosen what is an acceptable way of living. Through generations of our ancestors, each generation has passed along norms, beliefs, morals, and values that are accepted by society. As more things are accepted by society, the norms, beliefs, morals, and values change. Most of these things stay the same, but not all. As we become older, experience new things in life, or become more educated we make our own decisions on which road we will chose to travel. We are given labels when we are born, girl or boy, but not all people keep those labels. Without social order, society as we know it would cease to exist. Everyone would be out stealing, murdering people, and be doing whatever they wanted. Society is needed to make rules to keep order so that the human race can continue to evolve. As more and more people are born into this world, those are more people making decisions on what is accepted in society. Sociology is the study of the world and life around us. Society is what each person makes it.

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