Our daughter, Vayda, recounts her grade one experience.

Grade One

Grade 1, I mumbled when I recited the sentences.
My teacher decided I was mentally stunted.
Maybe go as far to think I was mentally retarded.
The only problem I had was I couldn’t say the words.
For I had not mental but physical problems at birth.

Four years of my life sounded of a blur.
But yet the teacher decided to assume I was flawed.
Wrong, broken and slow.
That I didn’t listen, that I was hyper and lacked
A capacity to learn.

Grade 1,
The first year of school.
And a teacher had already decided to lay their
Ugly little words and whispers behind my parent’s backs.
Gawked and screeched like hyenas at my weakness
For I wasn’t as smart and obeying like the other kittens.
Too young to know that my teacher thought I was flawed
A little girl who only just had gunk in her ear canal.
Physically couldn’t hear but assumed I was mentally

Too young to be able to figure out,
That my grade 1 school bully
Was my teacher.

#mybully #metoo #soistayed


Written by Michael.S

Michael Sharp is a sociologist and mystic who trying to develop a system of human development/spiritual connection.

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