Margaret Sanger’s Message to the Poor

Eugenicists are often portrayed as crazed racists whose primary concern is racial and ethnic purity. This is certainly the popular face of eugenics, but in reality, eugenicists are more concerned with eliminating the degenerate poor, regardless of what race they belong to, then simple “racial hygiene. ”

Grade One

Our daughter, Vayda, recounts her grade one experience at the hands of a teacher she now understands was an emotional/psychologically bully. #metoo #soistayed #mybully

The times they are a changin – Bob Dylan

This song is most certainly talking about the collective awakening that was occurring in the 60s and 70s, before The Family, with the assistance of Hollywood and the actor Ronald Reagan, shut it down. As anybody reading these lyrics will attest, we’re living through another “time changing” moment.

The Importance of Human Touch

Here is something for parents and their children (that's all of us) to consider. Being held and touched in a loving and affectionate manner helps us develop healthy genetics, and increases our life potential.  Although the research is nascent and early stage,...

Essential Reading

Try this at home (or in your classroom)

What is money? Chances you and the ones you teach don’t really know. But you can change that. Read the book Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy, watch the film, and be enlightened.

The Trouble with Atheists

Atheists reject human spirituality outright, believing that we are nothing more than the cells of our physical body. But atheists reject human spirituality based on limited knowledge and perspective, specifically the rejection of “Church God” and the elite ecclesiastical institutions which propagate it. But there is more to human spirituality than the institutionalized elite esoteric/exoteric spirituality of western religious institutions. Atheist or not, this “something more” is something worth looking at.

Did you Know? Mysticism and Religious Experience

Famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow thought that mystical experience was the authentic core of all religion and spirituality. Maslow thought that all religions, all spiritualities, and all spiritual sensibility was rooted in a mystic’s experience.

Toxic Socialization

We live in an incredibly violent society. From the time we are born to the time we die we are subject to repeated assault and disregard. This article helps to highlight the profoundly deleterious consequences of violence on our precious and powerful Physical Unit. If you want to realize your full potential, stop the violence against you.

What Causes Poverty

What causes poverty? The same thing that causes global warming, war, debt, and a host of other global evils

What is Money?

Why is the world in such financial crises? Why is Greece on the brink? Why is the stock market tanking? Why is oil going south? Why is Trump on the rise? WTF is going on? The answers you seek lie directly before you. In this accessible introduction to globalized finance and accumulation, Dr. Sharp takes you on a sociologically sophisticated trip to the source of our problems and the root of all “evil” – accumulation and the love of money that drives it forward. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to finally put the pieces together.

Intimate Partner Violence

Surprise surprise surprise. Men are abused by their intimate partners just as much as women are.

Are Scientists Spiritual?

Are scientists spiritual? The answer is yes! Recent research suggests that the majority of scientists at top universities in North America have spiritual leanings, even though they may not like to admit it.

What is Religion?

Most sociologists would say religion is either fantasy, social gathering, or elite machination; but in fact it is so much more.

Global Organizing Among Sex Workers

The topic of sexual labour is complicated. It intersects economic and political discourse, touches on the exploitation of women and children, and links directly with Marxist and feminist discussion of exploitation and oppression. Yet despite the problems associated, the workers themselves are breaking their status as “object” and speaking out for themselves about their choices, their needs, and their rights. Social and legal concern aside, if we want to talk about the sex trade we should at least be listening to the people involved.

A Sociologist Looks at Violence

Does it seem like the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Hard to conclude otherwise when children are massacred as in recent fashion. If you want to understand why however, maybe it is time to put aside “stock” answers and look past clichés about God, madness, and guns. If you are interested in a deeper look at the world we live in, sociologists can help.

Ding Dong the Alpha Male is Dead

The scientist who coined the term “alpha male” has recanted! There’s actually no such thing, he says. Could it be nothing more than ideological self-delusion?

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