A teacher has to make clear fundamental ends and valuations, and therefore he [sic] is a deeply religious man [sic] when he accepts this as his [sic] highest duty. If we want to save the world we need educators of powerful personalities. Objective Knowledge is not all that students need. We need responsible development of youth so that they will understand that service to mankind (sic) must be their goal – Albert Einstein

Firewater: How Alcohol is Killing my People

If we change our story about alcohol, if we stop accepting it as natural, normal, and necessary, if we stop telling ourselves that alcohol is medicine, that it dissolves grief, maybe we won’t have to stand at so many gravesides and mourn so many senseless...

The Seven Essential Needs

In order to grow up healthy, strong, and connected, humans have to have all their essential needs met. In this paper we take a look at the seven essential needs and discuss some of the implications and actions needed to move forward as individuals and as a happy and fully functional planet.

Soci 288 Unit Three: Ideology

Ideology is a set of beliefs and doctrines that an individuals hold for “other than purely epistemic reasons.” Ideologies form the basis of our social order. Ideologies control your thoughts and your behaviours.

How money is destroying the world

What’s wrong with the world today? Lots of different things, that’s true, but addiction to money is at the center. Addiction to money distorts human society and destroys human life. It’s time to wake up and get some therapy.

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