Here is an awesome, and incredibly disturbing, documentary on how fascist power is wielded and developed. In this series, "The Family" (which is a secretive group of powerful white males remarkably like those portrayed in The Handmaid's Tale) is exposed. In this film, you can see how white boys with good hearts and a desire to do good in the world are indoctrinated into structures of power and control (i.e., The System) designed to enrich the chosen few, while impoverishing the rejected many. Here you can see how these fellows protected and defended even when they enage in illegal and immoral activities, and how their use and abuse of power is justified and excused. Most disturbing is the clear goal statement of the handlers and trainers, which is a return to Feudal systems of power and control with a patriarchal "king of the world" on top, exploiting it all. A great sociologically informed documentary, and a useful adjunct and remarkable confirmation of everything in the Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy. Don't miss this one.

Mike Sosteric (Dr. S.)

Just another loud mouth sociology professor, teaching sociology courses at Athabasca University. Check me out here at the Socjourn, over there at The Conversation and at

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