I realize that when I started teaching I was a disembodied ghost presenting abstract concepts. I have finally learned that that really isn’t teaching. Especially in the present situation, students are not going to care about the little generalizations you give them for purely abstract reasons. They need to see humanly why they are important. I have learned that the primary resource you have as a teacher is yourself, your whole self, mind and spirit and body, and unless you are willing to teach with your whole self, with everything you have, you are not really going to teach at all. Robert Bellah

A teacher has to make clear fundamental ends and valuations, and therefore he [sic] is a deeply religious man [sic] when he accepts this as his [sic] highest duty. If we want to save the world we need educators of powerful personalities. Objective Knowledge is not all that students need. We need responsible development of youth so that they will understand that service to mankind (sic) must be their goal – Albert Einstein


Bellah, Robert N. (Robert Neelly). 1971. “Confessions of a Former Establishment Fundamentalist.” Theology Today 28 (2): 229–33.

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