A teacher has to make clear fundamental ends and valuations, and therefore he [sic] is a deeply religious man [sic] when he accepts this as his [sic] highest duty. If we want to save the world we need educators of powerful personalities. Objective Knowledge is not all that students need. We need responsible development of youth so that they will understand that service to mankind (sic) must be their goal – Albert Einstein

Artificial Intelligence: Is Watson the Real Thing?  

Artificial intelligence represents a threshold in computing that will transform machines into human-like intellectual entities. In a world grown used to rapid technological progress, it hardly stretches the imagination to contemplate next-generation computers that are substantially smaller and more powerful than their predecessors. However, the goal of transforming computers into sentient beings is an entirely different matter.

Teenage suicide, Amanda Todd, and new communication technology

A brave new world has emerged for our children. Whereas once bullying was confined to the school yard, or the back hall, now bullying penetrates into every aspect of their life space. At night, alone, in their bedroom, surrounded by family, our children have become targets, and victims. What are we going to do and who are we going to turn to? As Nat King Cole once sang, “Straighten out and fly right…”

Gender and Sexual Violence

As a therapist I see everyday the victimization of women, and men. In intimate relationships physical, psychological, and emotional violence are as common as the Hollywood action film. They occur outside of relationships as well, but just how much of it occurs is hard to tell not only because we often don’t “see” violence when directed at men, by women, but also because fear and ego get in the way of reporting, or so we think. In this survey we take a look at some of the factors that impact whether people report sexual victimization or not. If you’ve ever been victimized, male or female, consider taking the survey. It will help us get a better picture of the extent to which male and female victimization goes unreported.

Charles Darwin: The Unlikely Revolutionary

The concept of evolution continues to be controversial hot button. Did God create the universe or it is simply random happenstance? Evidence suggests that the universe has been around and changing for billions of years, but does that mean it is all random and meaningless? Maybe. But then my dog is the product of the creative hand of the human breeder, and modern technology is bringing unprecedented change and agency is obvious in both. One thing is for sure. Random evolution may have gotten us here, but human agency is what will make or break the future of this species.

America Is Under Attack??

There’s something wrong in the world today, and Sociologists know what it is. From the School of the America’s (website, Wikipedia) to the increasing gap between rich and poor, to the colonial wars of violent conquest conducted in the name of freedom, but really about power and greed, things just don’t look good. So what are you going to do, and where are we to go from here? Violence is never the solution but knowledge is power, so read, study, discover, take a sociology class, and get yourself some knowledge.

A Bungling Fox in the Henhouse: The Corporatization of Higher Education

If you ask me, business is good, but not necessarily so. Checks and balances need to be applied otherwise things get out of hand, like they are now. With the European economy on the brink of total collapse, and higher education going through some of the most fundamental transformation it has ever faced, business continues as usual. But unless something fundamental changes, the ship is apparently going to go down. Course correction required! So stand up and make yourself heard. Better yet, do your local business person a favour and tell them, too much it too much and enough is enough.

Feminism Sucks

Got your attention? Good. Feminists have long challenged men to treat women with respect, and to acknowledge their “sins.” But now, feminists themselves face a challenge. Men might be part of the problem, but women play a role as well. In fact, their role in creating the world “as it is” is just as significant, and just as worthy of critical analysis, as the roles (father, warrior, ruler) that men have played. The only question is, will we face the part we played, take responsibility for the damage, and change what we’ve done. Or will it be business as usual once again.

Ayn Rand: The Blinkered Visionary

Ah ideology. Whether it is left or right, pink or blue, it is ideology non the less. Ayn Rand was clearly an ideologue and people liked her because she provided justification for all sorts of greedy, selfish, and inconsiderate behaviors under the banner of some sort of naturally sanctioned individualism. But swing the pendulum the other way and we trod on our fellow peeps in the name of the collective good. My question? Are left and right really that different when the result (oppression, suppression, and concentrated wealth) are the same?

What is Creativity

What is creativity? How does one become creative? Turns out, nobody knows. Or at least that is the conclusion of Dr. Monika Reuter who, after thousands of hours of research, throws up her hands in frustration at the lack of theory and explanation. Should we give up? No. But if yo uask me, if we want to understand creativity then what we need is a revolution in how we understand the nature of our reality, our existence, and ourselves.

The Corporate Welfare State & Growing Inequality in American Society

Unlike a lot of people out there, I am one to say I TOLD YA SO. The current growth in inequality, the current “mess” in the global financial system, the weird political machinations that seem to directly contradict the principles upon which modern democracies were founded, these were all predicted decades ago by Sociologists. So what are you going to do? Well, read this article, but slowly. There’s a lot of enlightening Sociology in this article. If it gets a little thick, pop on over to the forums and ask Owen a question. in the global financial system, the weird political machinations that seem to directly contradict the principles upon which modern democracies were founded, these were all predicted decades ago by Sociologists. So what are you going to do? Well, read this article, but slowly. There

Patriot's Game

Personally I’ve never been a big fan of patriotism. I grew up hearing how “our country was the best in the world” but it didn’t take me long to figure out there was some rust on that shiny image. Still, the image was a useful way to shut down debate. “If you don’t like it move somewhere else” is the stock response of the sleeping patriot.

The Last Days of the Lilliputians

Are you an angry student? Are you pissed off? Does your education lead you to look at the world and say WTF? Well welcome to our nightmare, the world as it is, and not how it is presented by the corporate media. But what are you going to do with that anger? Riot in the streets? Burn some police cars? Throw some bottles? All I can say to that is, grow up and get some analysis, get some hutzpah, and join a cause. You don’t like the way the world is working? Get together with some others and make some change.

“So what’s the deal with that?” – Observational Comedy and Sociology

Yes grasshopper, Sociology is relevant to modern life. Not only does it make you a better person, but it makes you a funnier comedian. It is true! As this author points out, a sociological sophistication and awareness gives jokes a contextualized comical punch that is absent from your run-of-the-mill comedic styling. And while the author downplays the importance of Sociology to comedy, the connection is as significant and important as the connection between comedy and Sociology. There’s nothing like a little contextualized humor to make the arid spaces of the balkanized academe more open, airy, and lush.

And V for Victory it is…

V is for victory and that’s what this was. Thousands of websites, millions of people, billions of voices all around the world spoke out loud and clear against a piece of American legislation that would wipe out the Internet as we know it. Good for the rich Hollywood producers, bad for all the millions of democratic content generators that have sprung up all around the world. After a decade of declining progressive politics, the will of the people is getting a much needed jolt to the fibrillating fibers. And the moment has come none too soon if you ask me.

Stock in Trade: Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work

Did you know that what you get depends on who you are? It is true. Females get different things than males, and the lower classes get different things than the upper classes. No where is this more evident than in the education you get. Working class, professional, or ruling class, it’s not who you know but who your parents are (i.e. their social class) that makes all the difference.

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