I realize that when I started teaching I was a disembodied ghost presenting abstract concepts. I have finally learned that that really isn’t teaching…. students are not going to care about the little generalizations you give them for purely abstract reasons. They need to see humanly why they are important. I have learned that the primary resource you have as a teacher is yourself, your whole self, mind and spirit and body, and unless you are willing to teach with your whole self, with everything you have, you are not really going to teach at all. Robert Bellah

Margaret Sanger’s Message to the Poor

Eugenicists are often portrayed as crazed racists whose primary concern is racial and ethnic purity. This is certainly the popular face of eugenics, but in reality, eugenicists are more concerned with eliminating the degenerate poor, regardless of what race they belong to, then simple “racial hygiene. ”

Grade One

Our daughter, Vayda, recounts her grade one experience at the hands of a teacher she now understands was an emotional/psychologically bully. #metoo #soistayed #mybully

The times they are a changin – Bob Dylan

This song is most certainly talking about the collective awakening that was occurring in the 60s and 70s, before The Family, with the assistance of Hollywood and the actor Ronald Reagan, shut it down. As anybody reading these lyrics will attest, we’re living through another “time changing” moment.

The Importance of Human Touch

Here is something for parents and their children (that's all of us) to consider. Being held and touched in a loving and affectionate manner helps us develop healthy genetics, and increases our life potential.  Although the research is nascent and early stage,...

Facebook, CIA, Social Science, Google, and You

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Facebook ain’t your friend. From the facile and shallow way it connects people to the awesome power it gives authorities to monitor and surveille, Facebook is a technology born not in the hallways of emancipation and freedom but in the byways of power and control. Or at least, that’s what Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks thinks and frankly, I tend to agree. Never before in this history of this planet have so many been monitored by so few with so little responsible oversight.

The Rise of the Romantic Ideal

One gets the sense that any attempt at defining love is limited, ultimately inadequate in its ability to encapsulate the richness of its content. Indeed, the concept of love is a nebulous one. Perhaps, this is because of the multiple manifestations in which love can...

Toxic Socialization

We live in an incredibly violent society. From the time we are born to the time we die we are subject to repeated assault and disregard. This article helps to highlight the profoundly deleterious consequences of violence on our precious and powerful Physical Unit. If you want to realize your full potential, stop the violence against you.

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