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Sociology's relation to business

I’m a business student but interested in Sociology. Would taking a Sociology course help me in my business career.

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About Dr. S.

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  1. Well, to be honest with you, Sociology tends to be pretty critical of business practices. Sociologists and related disciplines have to tended to expose the class oppression, sexism, and exploitative nature of much modern business practice. Obviously, that exposure can be problematic for anybody wanting to go into business and adopt a “business as usual” perspective. In order to do “business as usual” you pretty much have to pretend Sociology doesn’t exist.

    Having said that, if you’re interested in doing a more ethically aware and responsible form of business (and there are people who do this), then Sociology can be a great help. Sociology will teach you about institutions and social structures, group interactions, group think, and a host of other ideas directly relevant to the creation and population of an institutional structure (i.e. your business). It can help sensitize you to important social issues and give you the foundation and wisdom you need for creating a solid and socially responsible business practice.

    If that’s your goal.

    But like I said, if your goal is profit above all other things, then Sociology is only going to give you heart burn.

  2. very well said dr michel sosteric

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