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One World in 60 Seconds

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About Anna Brix Thomsen

Anna Brix Thomsen is alum from Aarhus University in Denmark and Stockholm University in Sweden and holds a B.A in pedagogy and an M.A in educational sociology. Anna currently works as a teacher in Sweden and hosts a blog about education. I Never Thought I would become a teacher. Nor did I ever Dream about it. I always thought Teaching was a tough and unrewarding job. Since I started Working as a Teacher, I have gained a Profound Respect for the Responsibility of the Teaching Profession. Teachers hold a Key Position to Changing the World. We also hold the Key to Preventing Change if we are not Changing ourselves but merely Regurgitate the same Teachings that we have been Taught through an Education System that Teaches Children to become Functional as Dysfunctional Adults in a Broken System. It IS Possible to Change the World – but only if We Start Teaching a Different Way of Living Through Ourselves as an Example of Change.
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