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The Devil’s Picture Book


Please take a moment to complete this survey on public understanding and awareness of the Tarot deck. It should take less than two minutes to complete. The survey is part of Michael Sosterics Athabsca University Sociology of Religion course (visit course page). Results will be reported at the Socjourn (http://www.sociology.org) when the survey is complete.

So you think you know what the Tarot is?

Seventy-eight cards pretty cards?

Seventy-eight keys to wisdom?

Seventy-eight satanic statements?

Seventy-eight initiatory guideposts?

People think different things about the tarot and here is your chance to record your opinion. I (Dr. Mike Sosteric) am conducting a bit of research on the Western Tarot deck and would ask you to take 30 seconds to a minute record your opinion on what you think the Tarot deck is. There are no right or wrong answers here, I’m just looking to assess public opinion. The survey will only take a moment and it will be followed by a publication of results, and a theoretical analysis of the Western Tarot deck.  Please answer the quiz whether you have any ideas about Tarot or not, and whether you are sympathetic to Tarot or not.

Take the survey now

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I'm a sociologist at Athabasca University where I coordinate,amongst other things, the introductory sociology courses (Sociology I and Sociology II). FYI I did my dissertation in the political economy of scholarly communication (you can read it if you want). It's not that bad. My current interests lie in the area of scholarly communication and pedagogy, the sociology of spirituality and religion, consciousness research, entheogens, inequality and stratification, and the revolutionary potential of authentic spirituality. The Socjourn is my pet project. It started as the Electronic Journal of Sociology but after watching our social elites systematically dismantle the potential of eJournals to alter the politics and economies of scholarly communication, I decided I'd try something a little different. That something is The Socjourn, a initiative that bends the rules of scholarly communication and pedagogy by disregarding academic ego and smashing down the walls that divide our little Ivory Tower world from the rest of humanity. If you are a sociologist or a sociology student and you have a burning desire to engage in a little institutional demolition by perhaps writing for the Socjourn, contact me. If you are a graduate student and you have some ideas that you think I might find interesting, contact me. I supervise graduate students through Athabasca Universities MAIS program.
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