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Murder made sexy

The US Special Forces is a bizarrely gendered world, as I found out when I joined it to write a book about war. This all-male bastion is sexualized in a truly perverted way, particularly in its methods for turning young men into killers on command. Being the epitome of patriarchy, the military creates soldiers by forcing them into the role of the lowliest creatures in patriarchy: women.The recruits’ sense of personal power is stripped away, and they are required to obey commands from the men higher in the hierarchy and do the military’s “housework”:

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Child Labour

Truth, justice, and the North American way? Not for these children. In fact, globally one child dies of hunger related illnesses every 15 seconds and one in six children are involved in some form of child labour or child exploitation. Not our concern? Next time you buy your Egyptian cotton, sheets, eat your banana, drink your tea, kick a soccer ball, or watch those Disney fireworks, consider where that product might have come from and who harvested/produced it for you.

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There be dragons

There Be Dragons: Science as the Realization of Fantasy

It's not often you get a honest account of the foundation of modern science. To be honest, accounts of science, especially those given to second year initiates" is often more polemic and ego that it is science and rationality. But here's an account that exposes the irrational roots of our rational inquiry. Science, it seems, is as much founded on the irrational (and often egoic and competitive) pursuit of fantasy and imagination than the cold hard facts of reality. And in fact that's a good thing because, as Tim points out, without fantasy and imagination to drive us, we'd not have achieved the technological wonders of the modern world. It is interesting though. If imagination can bring us the technological world of Captain Kirk, can't it also bring us the social world of the future as well, a world where money is abolished, everyone is provided for, and nobody suffers or goes hungry. Perhaps you'll say its just "human nature," but perhaps its really just a failure of imagination!

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Monkey Trial

The Monkey Wars: Tennessee’s New Monkey Bill Attacks “Controversial Science”

On April 10, 2012, Governor Bill Haslam allowed Tennessee’s House Bill 368,* the New Monkey Bill, to become law without his signature. Leaving aside the Governor’s contemptibly week-kneed political stance, HB 368 has once again propelled the state of Tennessee into the limelight as the arch nemesis of modern science. Tennessee originally laid claim to that dubious distinction by passing the Butler Act, or the Old Monkey Bill, in 1925.

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