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Shooting sprees and gun ownership in the USA: An outside perspective

The level of gun use and ownership in the U.S. is way beyond what is rationally necessary, or politically appropriate. You can have guns, by why assault rifles and high capacity magazines? "Their judgment is distorted by their patriotism" and the arguments or devoid of sense and rationality, according to this author. He may have a point. When frontier justice, ideology, and primal instincts trump care, compassion, and common sense, society has a problem. The only question is, how to fix it.

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Writing right

Better writing through intent

As a rule academics are not trained to write well. You might even say academics are trained to confuse, hiding their thoughts behind walls of pretentious gobbledygook. It is not our fault. It is part of our training. From the moment we step into our first 100 level class to the the time when we finally hand in our dissertation and head out for a celebratory libation, our only goal is to impress somebody else and make ourselves look smart. It is the nature of the academic beast I suppose but it does not contribute to communication, connection, or education. If we want to change that we have to intend a different result and practice a different approach.

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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

First published in 1994 by Gerald Grow, this article takes a critical look at advertising, exploring the meaning behind the images. Commercials work not because they sell a product, but because they sell a "state of existence," or a "way of being" that we find desirable or that we attain towards, but that we can never achieve! In a very real sense advertising, argues Grow, promotes despair and depression because advertising shows us things that most of us can never attain. Are advertisers to blame, then, for the exploding rates of depression and mental illness, eating disorder and pathology, in our "modern" world?

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overcome addictions

Emotional Abuse

Here is a letter from a concerned worker in the Florida school system. Schools are supposed to be safe havens for our children, but the reality is they are not. Filled with violence and abuse, our schools beat us up and put us down. We often know it is going on, and we are often willing to change, but The System is designed to punish the willing and suppress change. Times are a changing though and what is now only a subterranean tremble of minor revision will shortly become a global and revolutionary earthquake of change.

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