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    The Greek Financial Crises – What is Money

    What is money? And why is debt such a problem? The answers lie within ...

  • -Domestic-Violence-Against-Men

    Intimate Partner Violence (feminist’s shame)

    Surprise surprise surprise. Men are abused by their intimate partners just as much as women are. ...

  • einstein

    Are Scientists Spiritual?

    Are scientists spiritual? The answer is yes! Recent research suggests that the majority of scientists at top universities in North America have spiritual leanings, even though they may not like to admit it. ...

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    What is Sociology?

    What is Sociology? Glad you asked. Sociology is the study of the world that we create. ...

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    What is Religion?

    Most sociologists would say religion is either fantasy, social gathering, or elite machination; but in fact it is so much more. ...

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    The American Nightmare

    This photo of my parents reveals much about their personalities (her’s vivacious and outgoing, his withdrawn and closed off), their relationship (little real contact), and also the times. The typicality of their lives reveals much about the USA. My mother was a farmer’s daughter whose father lost the farm to the banks, and they had ... ...

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    Killing the little girls of the world – the lingering problem of female infanticide

    In our country, babies are considered weaker if they are born female. In some other countries, babies are murdered at birth if they are born female. ...

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    Ding Dong the Alpha Male is Dead

    The scientist who coined the term "alpha male" has recanted! There's actually no such thing, he says. Could it be nothing more than ideological self-delusion? ...


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Addressing the Academy

Classroom Controversy


The Sacred and the Profane: Religion, Military Occupation, and Intolerance in the Age of Reason

War. Hmm. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. Ya, right. Actually, war is good for something. It is good for our western, resource hungry, consumer system. War allows us to control the resources in other countries, and allows to take those resources as we see fit. We were friends to the Afghan people when the Soviets controlled the oil (and we didn't like that), and now we're enemies because we want the oil just as bad as the Soviets, with predictable consequences of growing hatred, violence, and social disintegration.

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Universities Produce Happiness

Recent discussions of cutback to our universities in Alberta, the neo-liberal led assault on post-secondary education, led one colleague of mine to decry the new instrumental rationality that pervades the social fabric. These days all things great and small come down to their monetary value. Education is assessed by the cost to the taxpayer and when the cost is too high, the hammer comes down. 

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The NRA and Polarization in the Gun Debate

Today’s political landscape is deeply polarized. From liberals to conservatives, there are serious divides that are pervasive throughout politics. One group that has used the Internet and email in particular to contribute to and sustain an environment of polarization is the National Rifle Association (NRA). This paper examines how Wayne LaPierre as spokesperson for the NRA has used the rhetoric of polarization to address the gun debate in emails to members and potential members of the NRA.  Before discussing the emails that were sent, a brief history of the NRA is provided followed by an explanation of the rhetoric of polarization.

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Catholics Against Contraception

Fortnight Fiasco: Government Grants Freedom, Not God

On July 4, 2012, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops concluded their Fortnight for Freedom, a pulpit political initiative that is intended to challenge certain aspects of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA). The Bishops are cheezed off because, under the AHA, the Catholic Church will be required to provide healthcare access to its many US employees–and a fair number of those employees are sure to use that healthcare coverage to obtain contraceptives. Regardless, of the global population explosion, and the fact that the vast majority of the Pope’s US flock has been religiously using contraception for generations, contraception is something that the Catholic Church officially abhors.

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