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  • Islamic protest against the Innocence of Muslims.

    The Innocence of Muslims: Sam “The Imbecile” Bacile, Religious Freedom and Free Speech

    Let’s begin by making it clear that Sam Bacile’s “film,” The Innocence of Muslims, is a piece of crap. The film is embarrassingly terrible. Imagine the worst Saturday Night Live sketch that you have ever seen and then multiply it by 100. Everything about the film is distressingly awful: the script, the make-up, costumes, editing, etc., etc. Sam Bacile makes Ed Wood look like a celluloid genius in comparison. To sum up, Bacile’s Innocence of Muslims is an insult. It is an insult to filmmaking, it is an insult to artistic expression, it is an insult to free speech, it is an insult to intelligence, and it is an insult to humanity. Oh, and I suppose I should also mention that Sam Bacile’s Innocence of Muslims represents a profound insult to Muslims. In addition to its dung-brained anti-Muslim script, the film depicts the prophet Muhammad in an unflattering light–which to devout Muslims is one of the worst imaginable forms of sacrilege. Apparently, the primary reason that Sam “the Imbecile” produced his ill-begotten film was to insult and inflame the ire of Muslims. Thus, reprehensible as Bacile’s film assuredly is, the film has succeeded (Sadly!) in sparking precisely the sort of global outrage that Bacile had hoped it would inspire. Truly, this is a twisted success story. Three cheers for Sam The Imbecile. This monumental lamebrain has single-handedly succeeded in undoing much of the progress that had been forged between the West and Middle East during the Arab Spring rebellions. A flicker of democratic fraternity has been doused by a tsunami of intercultural outrage. C’est la vie to political harmony and interfaith respect. Sam Bacile has succeeded in diverting us down the highway to hell. Unquestionably, Sam Bacile has much to atone for. Let the damage and violence that has been inflicted, and the blood that has been shed be on his head. You reap what you sow, Sammy. If you are a religious man, then I assume that must bother you. If it doesn’t, then I encourage you to re-examine your religious morals. They are woefully lacking. That said, I think it is high time to call for restraint on the part of responsible Muslims the world over. On behalf of Western culture, I apologize for the titanic insult to Muhammad and Islam that Bacile’s rotten film represents. I can assure you that Sam Bacile speaks only for himself, and his repugnant film is antithetical to the USA’s foundational principle of religious freedom. The USA reveres and respects Islam every bit as much as it does every other world religion. OK? Are we good? America and Americans have disavowed Sam Bacile. Once again, Bacile and his abhorrent film do not speak for us. Bacile’s loathesome opinions are his alone. Yet, while America has officially disavowed Sam Bacile, we will not permit ignoramuses of his ilk to infringe our right to free speech. In a world where intolerance rears its ugly head all too often, free speech is an essential counterbalance to tyranny and ignorance. Although I disagree profoundly with the sentiments that Sam Bacile expresses in his sorry excuse for a film, I will not now–nor will I ever–call for Sam Bacile’s free speech rights to be restricted. For free speech to exist, its advocates must fight just as hard to ensure the rights of those with whom they disagree as they do for themselves. If we don’t believe in free speech for those with whom we disagree, then we don’t really believe in free speech. Period. Such a conclusion is unlikely to appease the many protesters who have been calling for Sam Bacile’s head to be served up on a platter. I wish it could be otherwise. We live in a mighty big world, and every now and then boneheads like Sam Bacile are going to insult one religion or another. Nothing good will ever be accomplished by dignifying the worthless prattlings of the Sam Baciles of this world. If Sam Bacile insists upon using his free speech rights to make an ass of himself, then let the joke be on him. Sam Bacile is an ass. Having amply demonstrated that his opinions are worthless, people should accord Sam Bacile the respect and recognition that he so richly deserves: Ignore the dumb-ass and move on! Continuing to fuss and fume over Sam Bacile’s idiotic insults will only drag otherwise decent folks down to his slimy level. For crying out loud, don’t let an ass like Sam Bacile ruin your life or anyone else’s! Too many innocent people have already been hurt. Too much time has been wasted on the mindless ramblings of a demented trouble-maker. The only folks who can end the violence are those who insist upon perpetrating it. Just stop! Stop right now and think about what you are doing. And please do so before any more innocent folks get hurt. Also, the next time that some cretin like Sam Bacile insults Islam–and, trust me, it’s going to happen–don’t lash out. If you do, then you are playing right into Sam Bacile’s hands. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Just ignore the dumb-ass and move on. If Islam is a great world religion–and it most assuredly is–then it needs to act like one. The Sam Baciles of this world are not worth the time it takes to sneer in their direction. Let Sam Bacile and his cronies tell their dirty little jokes, and drown in their own bile. Great religions have got to rise above that dreck. Enough!

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Addressing the Academy

Research Summary


The Corporate Welfare State & Growing Inequality in American Society

Unlike a lot of people out there, I am one to say I TOLD YA SO. The current growth in inequality, the current "mess" in the global financial system, the weird political machinations that seem to directly contradict the principles upon which modern democracies were founded, these were all predicted decades ago by Sociologists. So what are you going to do? Well, read this article, but slowly. There's a lot of enlightening Sociology in this article. If it gets a little thick, pop on over to the forums and ask Owen a question. in the global financial system, the weird political machinations that seem to directly contradict the principles upon which modern democracies were founded, these were all predicted decades ago by Sociologists. So what are you going to do? Well, read this article, but slowly. There

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Facebook and family

Facebook and Family  “I was hesitant to add family members on Facebook at first, but I’ve grown to enjoy it.  I’m not very good at keeping in touch with family, so I feel like if I’ve posted on Facebook I’ve done enough”—Mark, a Facebook user from California Facebook is everywhere!  However, the effects of Facebook on society are still unfolding. The company states that “Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.”  Facebook users create their own profile pages, which contain biographical data, current events, and photographs.

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Research Commentary

Lousy science.

Cajun Culture Wars: Another Victory for LouSEA Science Education

On June 2, 2011, Mark Guarino reported in the Christian Science Monitor that the Louisiana Science Education Act managed to survive a recent legal challenge in the Louisiana legislature. Sadly, that does not bode well for science education in Louisiana, or in the other states that are considering similar legislation.

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Sociology versus Psychology – The Social Context of Psychological Pathology and Child Abuse

What does Psychology, Sociology, Behaviourism, and emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual abuse have to do with each other? A concern with uplifting the human being, transcending pain and suffering, and moving towards holistic health and wellbeing. Or not. Sometimes it is just about command, control, and fitting people into the System. But not here, and not from now on. The winds of change are blowing, a hurricane is coming, and no amount of self delusion, self deception, or social propaganda are going to turn those winds away.

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Requiem for Trayvon Martin: When Will America Stop Destroying the Lives of Black Boys

Introduction: From time immoral, history has provided us with myriad examples of the mistreatment of one group of people by another.  The Old Testament reminds us that the people of Moses were abused and enslaved by the ancient Egyptians. The period that inaugurated the rise of the empire building  nations of Western Europe, and the conquest of the global economy by capitalism, gave rise to pogroms in Western Europe (during the period of the Black Death) and Russia targeting Jewish members of the human family. 

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To boldly go...

Living the Dream: Transcending the Boundary between Sci-Fi and Reality

Visualization and imagination create the world. Or, as Dr. Tim says, reality starts with fantasy. Or, as I like to say, as above in consciousness, so below in matter. No where is this more clear than in the area of science fiction where reality consistently lags behind fantasy only by a half century or so.

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A Biracial Journey to Understanding Identity

I can remember at about the age of eleven being at one of the many Arabic parties I would attend growing up.  The women were all laughing and dancing, their head scarves off, no men in the room.  They wore beautiful dresses and their hair and makeup were fully done.  They looked so elegant as I watched them belly dance effortlessly.  I remember wishing my hair was as dark and as thick as theirs.  I also wished my skin was as tan and my eyebrows as pretty.  Why did I always have to feel like the white girl at the Arabic party?  My cousins, aunts, and grandmother often introduced me as such:  “ This is Amira, Mazen’s daughter. She’s American.”

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Terrorist groups and European fighters in Iraq

  At present there is no independent Kurdish state but the ‘land of the Kurds’ crisscrosses Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. However, the Iraqi Kurds have been able to gain autonomy from Baghdad. Kurdish aspirations for an independent state stem back to the days of Empire and the post First World War treaties, which carved up Ottoman territories. The two treaties that concern the Kurds are: Treaty of Sèvres signed in 1920, which mentions an independent Kurdish state and the Lausanne Treaty, signed three years later in 1923 that makes no mention of a Kurdish state.

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Obama, human rights and ISIS

Western leaders have suddenly woken up and realised that ISIS is a regional global security threat. This realisation has also forced policy makers and security experts to abandon their orientalist monocles. The desire to act ‘now’ by launching airstrikes on ISIS targets and by providing military and humanitarian aid to the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities raises questions about the ‘real’ motivations. Justifications for intervention President Obama’s reasons to intervene in Iraq, as he has said is to stop ‘these barbaric terrorists in order to protect Americans and prevent an act of genocide.’ He added, ‘the terrorists have taken over parts of Iraq and have been brutal to religious minorities, rounding up families, executing men, enslaving women, and threatening the systematic destruction of an entire religious community, which would be genocide’.

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Getting Ahead: A Case Study of Social Class in the USA

This photo of my parents reveals much about their personalities (hers vivacious and outgoing, his withdrawn and closed off), their relationship (little real contact), and also the times. The typicality of their lives reveals much about the USA. My mother was a farmer’s daughter whose father lost the farm to the banks, and they had to scrabble along in the slums of the big city, St. Louis. All her life she yearned for her bucolic childhood when everything was “nice.” My father was a coal miner and the son of a coal miner from West Virginia. He hated the mines so much that after the Second World War he stayed in the military as a professional soldier.

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